Ideal Protein Overview

Ideal Protein is a Medically Developed, Partial Meal Replacement, Weight Loss and Wellness Method.

The protocol is now used by hundreds of thousands of dieters daily as the predictable, repeatable and measurable results are setting a new standard in Weight Loss and Wellness. It was voted the number 1 weight loss program in 2015 worldwide.

The approach is simple; tap into the body’s natural weight loss mechanisms, promoting restoration and wellness. Unlike traditional “weight loss programs”, Ideal Protein dieters primarily burn FAT while preserving muscle, improving vitality, eliminating cravings, re-establishing proper hormonal and metabolic function.

The PARTIAL meal replacement protocol still involves three meals a day plus a snack, with the inclusion tasty Ideal Protein foods; there’s a wide variety to suit all tastes.

It is a practitioner prescribed, personalized, cost-effective, and well- structured program, with weekly one-on-one professional coaching, lifestyle education, and guidance.