Back Pain Relief

Camira Springfield Chiropractic provides treatment for their patients that require back pain relief.


Chiropractors are uniquely well-positioned to help those who suffer back pain with lifestyle advice and manipulation to achieve a better quality of life, bad back health can amount to significant loss of productive work time if managed effectively. This is equally as important for employers to provide a duty of care as it is for those experiencing the pain.

When Australians suffer from low back pain, they want answers as soon as possible about the best way of getting relief. Camira Springfield Chiropractic can provide better guidance on alternatives to unnecessary invasive surgery; chiropractors are showing better outcomes at a lower cost.

Chiropractors are already playing a central role in patient care and are reducing diagnostic costs and unnecessary surgery. In North America, a recent pilot project evaluated the benefits of involving chiropractors in a primary care team-based setting, by assessing patients with low back pain and discussing treatment options with the patient’s family physician. The results included reductions in both MRIs and surgical referrals.

Dr Paul Nothdurft is a qualified chiropractor who is an expert in this field, and can provide treatment and guidance on overcoming this painful experience. To make an appointment please visit our Contact Us page.