Bulging Disc Treatment

Camira Springfield Chiropractic provides therapy for their patients that have a bulging disc.

The care of a patient with a lumbar herniated or bulging disc is far from a standardised solution and, to a certain extent, needs to be individualised for each patient.

The treatment options for a lumbar herniated disc will largely depend on the length of time the patient has had his or her symptoms and the severity of the back pain. Other considerations include the nature of the symptoms such as weakness or numbness, and possibly the age of the patient.

There is a wide range of nonsurgical treatments available, and some treatments may work better for some patients than others. If nonsurgical treatment for the lumbar herniated (bulging) disc does not provide pain relief after 6 to 12 weeks and the pain is severe, it is reasonable to consider surgery. Surgery may be recommended prior to completing a full 6 weeks of nonsurgical care if:

  • There is severe pain and the patient is having difficulty maintaining a reasonable level of function.
  • The patient is experiencing progressive neurological symptoms, such as worsening leg weakness and or numbness.

Dr Paul Nothdurft is a qualified chiropractor who is an expert in this field, and can provide treatment and guidance on overcoming this painful experience. To make an appointment please visit our Contact Us page.