Weight Loss Testimonial

Michael Miles

Starting: 83.2kg, BMI 27.5, Body fat 23%                 

May 2017: 67kg, BMI 21.9, Body fat 12.5%

WEIGHT LOSS: 16.2kg!


My story of Ideal Protein:

Before I came to the weight loss clinic I was having pain in my back and hips, and was told to lose weight by my physio. I kept seeing my weight go up and I knew I had to lose it.

I did not know how to lose weight; I had no goals or plans on how to stop putting more on. I knew I wasn’t eating healthy food, and I wanted to learn to eat better.


I have improved out of sight and have lost over 16kg of body fat! I now eat a big breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a few snacks and have maintained my weight.