New Service: Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy

We’re pleased to announce that we have an exciting new service.

We’re pleased to offer Bioelectric Meridian Massage Therapy. Bioelectric Massage combines the Chinese principle of meridian lines with herbal creams to bring the bodies pH level to a balanced state. This is done by a low level current travelling from the machine, through the masseur's body and directed through the client by the masseur's hand via the alkaline cream This process improves blood circulation, promotes the production of white blood cells and decreases inflammation.

This type of massage works on clearing blockages of the meridian lines to increase the bodies energy thereby promoting self-healing. The electrical energy also activates and stimulates the bodies bioelectrical energy, increasing the activity of the bodies nerves and muscle tissues that potentially revive unhealthy cells.

Prices are:

30 Mins $40

60 Mins $80

90 Mins $120

To book an appointment with our Massage Therapist Glen Duke, call us today on: 07 3818 2488.